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Docetaxel,Docetaxel Appearance: White needles powder CAS Registry Number: 114977-28-5 Molecular Formula: C43H53NO14 Molecular Weight: 807.88 Melting Point: 232 ºC Specification:99% by HPLC
Half face gas mask NDSR3002
Half face gas mask NDSR3002,The type has four main parts: half-face mask body , filter , exhalation and inhalation valve and straps. Features: 1. Efficient Adsorption and Filtration: The canister is filled with activa...
Reinfored graphite gasket
Reinfored graphite gasket,Gasket , also known as graphite reinforced composites from high-strength flexible graphite gasket reinforced composite plate by precision cutting , with the packet can be processed into a side ed...
SYD-3536A Automatic Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point Tester
SYD-3536A Automatic Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point Tester ,Purpose The instrument is designed and made as per the National Standard GB/T3536 “Test Methods for Flash Point and Fire Point of Petroleum Products (Cleveland Open Cup Methods) , and T0651 ...
Kerosene Heaters ( WKH-2310 )
Kerosene Heaters ( WKH-2310 ),WKH-2310 Kerosene Heater Tank: Triple Tank Tank Capacity : 5.3L Heater Output: 2300Kcal/Hour ( 7800-8900BTU ) Fuel Consumption : 0.24-0.28L/Hour Heating Area: 15 - 20C ...
Magnesium Stearate
Magnesium Stearate,Product name: Magnesium Stearate CAS#: 557-04-0 Purity: 99% Packing: 25kg per bag Delivery: within one week after payment done.
marchantia polymorpha extract
marchantia polymorpha extract,China primeval forest in the Daxinganling is to extract marchantia polymorpha they had to the growth of the wild (also known as the Palestinian keel , septic callus grass m moss , to Thoreau , l...
uvistar DC201 security cctv camera
uvistar DC201 security cctv camera ,Model DC201S31 DC201S32 DC201S33 DC201P41 Horizontal Resolution 420TVL 480TVL 540TVL 420TVL Pick-up Device 1/3"SONY Super HAD CCD 1/3"SONY Super HAD CCD 1/3"SONY ...
Boschniakia rossica extract(jesslie@snowlotusbiotech.com)
Boschniakia rossica extract(jesslie@snowlotusbiotech.com),(Jesslie at snowlotusbiotech dot com) Tel:0086-452-6166167 Fax:0086-452-6166200 our email box is Jesslie at snowlotusbiotech dot com Email: Jesslie@ snowlotusbiotech.com Web: www.snowlotusbiote...
water proof Electric Braided Flexible metallic Conduit for petrochemical industry wirings
water proof Electric Braided Flexible metallic Conduit for petrochemical industry wirings, Heavy series water proof Braided Flexible metal Conduit protects industry cable from hot swarfs water proof Electric Braided Flexible metallic Conduit for petrochemical industry wirings Over br...
WALL BRACE ROLLFORMER,We provide you the fully automatic machine with in-line punching of T-bars in the various custom models and sizes. The ceiling T-Bar roll forming machines are consisted of a Main T-Bar Machine , a...
Parker Rainbow 61 Fountain Pen
Parker Rainbow 61 Fountain Pen ,We Sell A Massive Range Of Parker Fountain Ballpoint Rollerball Pen Models :- Parker Jotter Pens - Parker Reflex Pens - Parker Insignia Pens - Parker Latitude Pens Parker Sonnet Pens - Parker Duo...
Sell white granite , red granite , pink granite
Sell white granite , red granite , pink granite,China Borrello Stone Co. , Ltd. is one professional stone company. We can supply very competitive prices and produce wide range of granite products. include: slabs , tiles , paver , cube , ker...
Dimer acid
Dimer acid,Dimer acid , usually dimeric fatty acid is a complex mixture of ingredients; It is named because the main components contain two carboxylic acid groups. It is produced from the use of unsaturated ...
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Top 20 Members.
Zaoqiang Dacheng Rubber Co., Ltd. in China
Air Inflatable Rubber Dam,Water Inflatable Rubber dam,Bookend Rubber Dam,Spoiler Rubber Dam,Shield Type Rubber Dam,Automatic Control System,Rubber Dam Accessories
Shandong HUAO plastic Co.,Ltd in China
UHMWPE plastic sheet UHMWPE ground mat UHMWPE outrigger pad UHMWPE synthetic ice rink HDPE plastic sheet UHMWPE and HDPE irregular parts
Shandong Huaao Plastic Co.ltd in China
uhmwpe sheet ,uhmwpe rod ,uhmwpe strip,uhmwpe block , uhmwpe fender facing pads ,uhmwpe bearing ,uhmwpe cutting boards ,uhmwpe suction box cover ,uhmwpe chain guides ,uhmwpe machining block...
Shandong Huao Plastic Co., Ltd. in China
UHMWPE, HDPE, ground mat, outrigger pad, chain guide, shooting pad, marine fender, truck liner, synthetic ice rink, cutting board
W setyawan in Indonesia
copy paper a4
Bailey Trading Company in United States
Electronic equipment, machines, engines, pumps, Furniture, lighting, signs, knit or crochet clothing, medical, technical equipment, iron or steel products, plastics, footwear.
argan oil, argan oil company , bulk argan oil, pure agran oil,morrocan argan oil
Pompa-Electronic in Indonesia
Printing Machinery Supplies , Print Head, Printing Machinery Parts, Printer, Printing Machinery, SpareParts
Sona Teb Parsian in Iran
VITAMIN E,Multivitamins & Minerals A to Z,Livax Rx,Heartonix,sona teb parsian,Gastolin Rx,Digest best Rx,Leanofem Rx,Colosen Rx,Bustomax Rx,SUPER ROYAL JELLY,Diasin Rx,KNEE FLEX RX,Garciana...
BestCycle in Singapore
Bicycle , Bike , Cycle , Bicycles
shenzhen upnmed in China
spo2 senor,ecg cable,ekg cable,ibp cable,nibp cuff and hose,medical supply ,medical accessories,hospital medical equipment
Pengzhou Maoyuan Biochemical Technology Co.,Ltd in China
Andrographolide, andrographis extract, Kalmegh extract, king of bitters, Chuanxinlian
Getchem in China
Zhuoxing Metal Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd in China
reinforcing mesh, ribbed bar mesh, building mesh panel, gabion box, black iron wire, galvanized wire series, fence mesh, welded wire mesh panel, chain link fence series
Baolingbao Biology Co.,Ltd. in China
Prebiotic: IMO, FOS, GOS Polyol: Erythritol, Maltitol Dietary Fiber: Polydextrose, Resistant Dextrin Fructose: Fructose Crystal, High Fructose Corn Syrup F-42%, F-55%, F-90% Starch: Native...
Anping PuRuiSe Expanded Metal Factory in China
Stretched Mild Steel Panels,Expanded Carbon Steel Mesh,Stainless Steel Mesh Sheet, Expanded Aluminum Mesh Panels,Expanded Flattened Titanium Mesh,Stainless Steel Mesh Sheet
pharmaco company LTD in United States
The Best Of ketamine hcl crystal powder
Greenden Florist Wire Factory in China
Enameled Florist Wire Green Floral Wire Bright Floral Wire Paper Covered Floral Wire ,Wire Ties ,Hot Dipped Zinc Plated Wire
Hubei Yuancheng in China
Steroid,chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediate, flavor and fragrance, food additive.
nocom trading in Nigeria
solar energy panel
Mainning Co.,Limited2 in China
China power cable, HDMI to av converter box, HDMI to VGA+audio converter, VGA splitter 1 in 2 out
China 358 Mesh Fencing Co. in China
358 Series Mesh Fence Anti-climb 358 Security Fence 358 Welded Mesh Steel Fencing 358 Electrical Substation Fencing Prison Mesh Security Fence Razor Type Barbed Wire Concertina 358 Mesh...
Aimlong Baling Wire Factory in China
baling wire, metal wire, iron wire
Hengshui Tianjia PET Screen Manufacturing Co., Ltd in China
Fiberglass Insect Screen Aluminum Insect Screen Stainless Steel Screen Retractable Window Screen
Dezhong Wire Mesh Belt Co. in China
belt mesh, wire mesh belt, wire conveyor belt
A &S Transformer Co. , Ltd. in China
A&S Transformer Co.,Ltd. We offer liquid-filled Transformer,dry-type Transformer,line Transformer, power Transformer,audo Transformer, instrument Transformer, pulse Transformer ,tube...
John Veney sblclease.org in India
Bank Guarantee ( BG ),Letter of Credit ( LC),Stand By Letter of Credit ( SBLC ).
Baoji Fitow Metal Co.,ltd in China
Porous metal filter elements ,Titanium standard parts ,titanium bolt ,screw Titanium CNC parts and titanium alloy parts,titanium machined parts,Precise Titanium CNC Machined Parts,titanium...
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